ASG Flowchart for Mergers and Acquisitions

Maximizing the sale price and minimizing risks (such as tax obligations, not getting paid, litigation risks, etc.) when selling your business requires strict methodology. At ASG, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the best results for you regarding the sale of your company, while reducing potential risks. Review our flowchart to get a better idea of how we would handle the sale of your company.

Preliminary Stages of Selling Your Business

  • A full business valuation is performed to determine your company’s fair market range of value.
  • Timing is important for the sale of your business. At ASG we help you decide if now is an opportune time to go to market or if waiting would better serve your interests.
  • The ASG team obtains commitments from lenders for financing prior to going to market.

Acquisition Services Group Marketing Your Business for Sale


  • Your ASG team develops a unique marketing strategy for your company.
  • We search our databases to identify potential buyers with the financial means to complete the sale.
  • The Confidential Business Review (the detailed information about your business) is created and approved by you for distribution to qualified potential buyers.
  • The ASG team contacts potential buyers and has them sign a Confidentiality Agreement (CA). Their financial viability is also determined before releasing your information to them.
  • Principal to principal meetings are held, fully coordinated by the Acquisition Services Group team.

Soliciting Offers on Your Business

  • The ASG team and principals create a time frame in which offers must be made.
  • Acquisition Services Group works with the potential buyers’ teams to hammer out the details.
  • ASG provides potential buyers with information regarding Letters of Intent.
  • Final agreement is reached in a non-binding Letter of Intent format.
  • Your ASG team negotiates all the details, subject to your approval.

Managing the Period Between Receiving an Offer and Closing the Transaction

  • The due diligence process of the buyer is facilitated by the ASG team.
  • ASG coordinates with outside legal counsel for the drafting of the necessary legal documents.
  • The ASG team coordinates a final closing date approved by all parties.

Having all these elements correctly fall into place on their own is virtually impossible. Through our hard work and experience, we are able to set the ground work to receive multiple offers and create the best possible transaction for our clients.

For a more detailed account of the value-added services Acquisition Services Group can provide you in selling your business, visit our Overview of Services page.

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