The Essential First Step If You Intend To Sell Your Business

Start your plan for the future by maximizing both the value of your business and the cash you will receive when you sell it.

Valuation Process

valuation process

We operate on a pure Success Fee basis -- We get paid only when our clients get paid. We therefore only take on clients where we believe we can put together a satisfactory transaction. Why waste our time or yours?

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The Learning Center

Learning center

We are constantly adding videos and articles on the latest things you need to know when you are selling your business. Educate yourself on how to receive more value for your business when the time comes to sell.

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What To Expect

What To Expect

Learn what you NEED to do and what you must NOT do to get the maximum value when the time comes to transition your business while protecting the confidentiality of your employees, customers, and vendors.

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What we do

Acquisition Services Group (ASG) is a Los Angeles firm providing full service Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Broker, and LA Business Valuation services. ASG has been assisting owners of privately held businesses in Los Angeles and Southern California with the sale of their business for over 40 years.

We specialize in Los Angeles businesses with valuations from $1 million to $30 million in revenue. We love businesses in the manufacturing, service, ecommerce and distribution industry sectors. Over 90% of our assignments are representing Seller’s. We are experts in the sales process, so we can competently and comfortably represent business owners in virtually any industry. We have listed and closed transactions with companies in dozens of different industries.

It starts with a Free Business Valuation

The process starts with providing the business owner/s with an opinion of their company’s fair market valuation. The Los Angeles Business Valuation is typically free of cost and obligation. We find it an excellent way for business owners to get to know our brokerage firm and vice versa.

Having an expert provide an opinion of your company’s business with a free valuation makes sense, even if you are not contemplating the sale of your business in the short term. Often in the business valuation process, ASG can provide some useful tips on how to best position your business for a future sale. And if you know how buyers are going to approach the valuation of your business, you can implement a business plan so that when the time comes to sell, the price you get will meet your retirement goals.

How we are compensated – Success Fee

Our LA based firm is compensated through a Success Fee. This means that we are only compensated when the sale is successfully completed in escrow. Simply put, we only get paid when our client gets paid.

Request a free Business Valuation today

We are more than happy to provide a free business valuation range of your business without cost or obligation.

If you are interested in a free business valuation or would like to set up a meeting anywhere in Los Angeles with one of our merger and acquisition specialists just call 323 266 2260 or email us at for a response within 24 hours.



  • “ASG helped me sell my business in record time and for top dollar.”

    Michelle, Private School
  • “ASG never lost sight of MY goals, never pressured me in any way, and only presented possible buyers who were in-line with my desired results. “

    John, Consulting and Services Provider to the US Navy
  • “We had previously listed with another broker, with dismal results, and were delighted to replace them with ASG.”