How Business Brokerage Firms Find Buyers for Businesses

Acquisition Services Group is a Los Angeles Business Brokerage Firm.  Depending on the type of business, there are numerous methods  to locate potential buyers when our business brokerage firm takes a company to market.

In addition to customized and specialized marketing programs, our company has been in business for over 40 years and we maintain a databases of individuals, corporations, and investment groups that are interested in buying businesses. We cross-check our databases with information from your company to find buyers that:

  • Have the capabilities to run the company successfully
  • Are financially able to pay for the company
  • That bring added value to the company and can afford to pay a higher price

Creation of our Buyer Database

ASG works closely with each client to put together a “Buyer Database” that also includes Private Equity Groups and industry buyer databases which can be supplemented with referrals from CPA’s, lawyers, and other professionals.

We augment our databases through our:

  • Presence on the Internet
  • Referrals from past clients, lawyers, and CPA’s
  • Access to powerful business and private investor databases

Experienced Business Brokerage Firms in Los Angeles that Deliver Results

Our firm is managed by two principals supported by a professional office staff. Unlike larger merger and acquisition firms where perhaps there is a business development person responsible for securing listings, and then perhaps well educated (but young) staff responsible for contacting potential buyers, and then the more experienced staff doing the negotiating with the buyers, at ASG one of our principals is solely responsible for the project from “soup to nuts”. This makes our accountability to our client simple but effective.

It can all start with a Free Business Valuation and Consultation

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