Business Acquisition Services

We Only Sell Businesses

At ASG we sell businesses: That is our job. If you want to sell your distribution, e-commerce, manufacturing, service or professional company, we can assist you by doing the following:

  • Providing a free business valuation
  • Finding qualified buyers
  • Locating lenders
  • Managing the process to ensure confidentiality and an efficient, timely completion of the sale.

ourfocusThe businesses we represent are located in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and/or Riverside Counties (and we occasionally accept clients from elsewhere in the US). We have some basic requirements for the businesses we accept as clients. While there is some leeway, the following are descriptive of the clients that we like to work for:

Geographically : 85% of our clients are located in Southern California; however, over the last few years we have closed transactions for clients located in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and Nevada.

Established Businesses : We do not handle start-ups or businesses that do not have an established history of profitability.

Size of Businesses : About 80% of our transactions have market values between one and ten million dollars, about 10% have market values below one million, and 10% above ten million. In recent years our largest transaction was over $30 million.

Diversity of Industries : We have sold a wide and diversified range of different types of businesses that would all fit under the general headings of professional, service, manufacturing, e-commerce, software and distribution businesses.

Business Categories We Do Not Handle : Startups, restaurants, hotels, motels, taverns, etc.

As you can see, we concentrate our expertise on Seller Representation, and we are experts in the sales process. We are able to competently and comfortably represent clients in virtually any industry. We have listed dozens of different industries in which we have successfully closed transactions. We are masters of the process, as opposed to masters of any one or two industries.