Should I pay for a Business Valuation?

In 9 out of 10 cases you should not pay a fee to have a knowledgeable broker provide an opinion on the Fair Market Valuation of your Company. There are a number of reputable Business Brokers who can provide an honest opinion on the current value of a privately-owned Company. Occasionally there will be a need to pay for a valuation when it is required by the IRS or a court of law, and in these instances there are generally specific guidelines as to what is acceptable.

What sort of information will I need to provide in order to obtain a Fair Market Valuation Range?

Buyers and Lenders always work from the Federal Tax Returns. However, Buyers and Lenders expect to see certain expenses added back (recasting) in order to properly demonstrate the historical cash flow of a business. Obvious examples are Depreciation and Interest. Expect to provide at least 3 years of tax returns as well as interim financial statements for the current year.