At Acquisition Services Group Profitability of a Company is more important that its size.

Selling a privately owned small business and doing so in a way that maximizes the value and minimizes the litigation risk is what Acquisition Services Group has been doing for 40 years. Unlike many other brokerage firms in Los Angeles who have certain minimum requirements in terms of a company’s size, at ASG we will do a small business valuation as long as the company has at least three (3) years of profitability. We specialize in successfully selling small businesses provided they have consistently demonstrated a profitable track record. If the cash flow of your business as a percentage of revenue is above 10%, then it is highly likely you have a very marketable business.

In our view, owners of smaller businesses who are smart enough to “know what they do not know”, should be able to secure professional representation at an affordable cost. As a small brokerage firm ourselves, we welcome the opportunity to help owners of profitable and successful small business find a buyer for their business so they can successfully pursue other interests in retirement.

It all starts with a no obligation business valuation.

Having a firm like ASG do a business valuation is a logical starting point. Even if the intention is not to sell the business for a few years, knowing how buyers are going to perceive the value of your business is an excellent data point in planning your eventual exit strategy. Call one of our partners today on 858 736 4054 or fill out the form here under to set up an appointment for a confidential discussion to begin the small business valuation process.