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Acquisition Services Group – Los Angeles County Business Brokers

ASG represents sellers in a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions. Our Los Angeles County Business Brokers provide start to finish services including professionally packaging the business, canvassing all potential acquirers, negotiating the Letter of Intent to meet the seller’s needs, coordinating the due diligence, and where necessary source finance options to get the seller cashed out.

Our business brokers focus on Los Angeles County, but we will also represent sellers with businesses in Ventura, Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties. Every client works with an experienced broker who is hands on from start to finish. We do not charge upfront fees and are only compensated when the deal closes and our client gets paid.

The importance of Due Diligence to the Seller

Most sellers believe the Due Diligence process is for the benefit of the Buyers. On the contrary, ASG believes a properly structured due diligence process is as much for the benefit of the Seller as the Buyer. ASG will assist in putting together a comprehensive due diligence list and then coordinates all responses in writing, even where the response might be perceived as negative. All businesses have warts and pimples, so disclosing them in writing in the due diligence process will minimize any “he said-she said” after the close of the transaction which inevitably leads to litigation.

Confidentiality is of extreme importance

Our Los Angeles county business brokerage firms understand the importance of confidentiality. The first time you want your employees, vendors, or customers to learn of an ownership change is the day of closing the transaction in a carefully conceived and scripted manner that sells the many positives of new and reinvigorated management to all the key constituents. ASG can utilize our extensive past experience to counsel and assist the respective parties to ensure the sale announcement meets this criteria.

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